DHTMLChess for WordPress

February 20th, 2017

Are you interested in trying DHTML Chess on your WordPress website?

We're looking for users who are willing to try out DHTML Chess on their Wordpress website. As a reward, you will receive a free commercial license of DHTML Chess Worth USD99.

You will also get first hand support during the beta phase.

DHTML Chess for WordPress is database based. You will be able to edit your games online directly in your browser and show them on your page using custom made tags.

Here are some other key features:

  • Support for uploading pgn files.
  • Computer analysis online using Stockfish JS
  • Automated updated standings in tournaments.
  • Support for showing Tactic Puzzles using drag'n drop directly on your Wordpress site.
  • Lots of different templates for showing games.

If this sounds interesting, please send an email with your constact details to post@dhtml-chess.com.

The beta version of DHTML Chess for WordPress can be downloaded from wordpresschess.zip.

How to install it

Here are three ways to install DHTML Chess

Method 1 - Command line

If you have access to the command line on your webserver, you can install the beta of DHTMLChess for Wordpress like this:

  • Go to wp-content/plugins and type in the two following commands:
  • wget http://www.dhtmlchess.com/api/zip/wordpresschess.zip
  • unzip wordpresschess.zip -d dhtml_chess
  • You should now be able to active the plugin inside your WordPress admin.

Method 2 - Copying the files

  • Unzip wordpresschess.zip
  • Copy the dhtml_chess folder into wp-content/plugins on your web server. dhtml_chess should be a sub folder of plugins.
  • Go to the plugins page in WordPress admin. You should see DHTML Chess there. Click Activate. The install process will create database tables and import some default games. This process may take a few seconds.

Method 3 - Upload Zip File in admin

  • Go to WordPress admin and plugins
  • Select Add New
  • Select Upload Plugin
  • Activate the plugin.


You can find many tutorials at http://wordpresschess.com/category/tutorials/.

DHTML Chess forums

For support, go to the forums page and register. All accounts at the forum has to be manually approved, so send an email to post@dhtml-chess.com with your username, and your account will be activated quickly.

There are different topics there related to DHTML Chess for Wordpress.