Chess Software for your website

March 28th 2017

DHTML Chess is now available as a WordPress plugin. There is both a PRO and a free version. Head over to to learn more.

February 5th 2017

New Tactic Puzzles can be played at

  • demo-tactics-wood.html.
  • February 1st 2017

    Integrated Stockfish JS into DHTML Chess. The engine will be part of the online game editor in the upcoming Wordpress plugin.

    You can try to play it here now at play-computer.html

    January, 28th, 2017

    DHTML Chess will soon come to WordPress. Here's a screenshot of the online Game editor.

    January, 18th, 2017

    Added support for figurines in notations. New samples has also been created to help you implement DHTML Chess on your website.


    January, 16th, 2017

    Added support for realistic wooden background surface for the boards. Support for SVG(Scalable Vector Graphic) chess pieces has also been added.
    For demo of the wood surface and the svg chess pieces, see website-template.html. You can use this page as a starting point when implementing DHTML Chess on your own website.

    A forum has also been implemented. The forum is the place to get help installing and using DHTML Chess. Due to spamming issues, manual approval of new accounts has been implemented. We encourage you to send an email to post[at] with your username after you have registered at the forum. That way, your account will be approved very quickly.

    January, 13th, 2017

    Major work has been done on DHTML Chess.

    • The code has been ported to jQuery.
    • The database part of DHTML Chess has been disabled to make it easier to use.
    • New theme and more demos.
    • Forums for help installing and using DHTML Chess.

    June, 15th, 2015

    New updates of DHTML Chess and new mobile friendly tactic trainer: demo-tactics-2016-1.html

    March, 4th, 2015

    Implemented support for GarboChess. Try it out at play-computer.html

    September 29th, 2014

    New download with support for tactic puzzles loaded directly from pgn files.

    Solve tactic puzzles

    These puzzles are compatible with Android and iPad/iPhone.
    Click here to solve the puzzles.

    Module based Chess software

    The new DHTML Chess has moved a great step forward since the previous versions available on In the new DHTML Chess, every view(board, notations, opening books, list of games etc) are standalone views which doesn't need to know about other views in order to work.

    This gives you a lot of flexibility and freedom when you want to configure DHTML Chess for your web site. The layout model of ludoJS( also makes it easy for you to build a professional user interface for the application.


    Download DHTML Chess